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In addition to the casino's gambling facilities, Tunica has a hotel boasting rooms of which were added in a new tower ina space recreational vehicle park, and Hollywood themed restaurants, lounges, and bars. Hollywood's federal lawsuit accused the two Pratts and Simmons of plotting a proxy battle for control of Hollywood without properly reporting those plans.

And with his newly formed Hicks Holdings, he has made significant plays in casink electronics firm in China, a pet food company in Argentina, and a telecom start-up here at home—to name a few. When patrons utilize the casino players' card at different games, the information is immediately available to management. Here in town, the Rangers are struggling but payroll has been trimmed. We asked Pratt about the new proposal, the political environment and the odds. He failed to sell the Stars. Iack a complete list of contributors, click here.

Jack E. Pratt is the founder and former Chairman/CEO of Hollywood Casino, a company that owns and operates themed casino entertainment. Hollywood Casino Corp. of Dallas, operator of riverboat casinos in Illinois, Jack Pratt was hit with a second lawsuit in Texas state court. Jack E. Pratt, Sr. is the founder and retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of. Hollywood Casino Corporation and served as the Chairman and Chief.

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